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"Every mother has that one child that likes to act like her spouse and or parent…" He’s it. #KingKarter 😙

"Every mother has that one child that likes to act like her spouse and or parent…" He’s it. #KingKarter 😙

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Going to the chapel….

Someone mentioned to me today

“Jelina I feel like you’re about to get married… Idk why I just do”.

I don’t understand how that can happen seeing how I’m completely “eligible” but I don’t doubt God. He has a way of doing the unexpected… and if it’s positive words, I’m all for people releasing them into the atmosphere…. #speaklife until it consumes you.

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When you’re honest with yourself then can you keep yourself from sin….
Harper Stewart

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Eligible Peace…

I don’t know a lot of people who are successful at being single, excuse me I mean eligible. However there is one in particular I do marvel. He’s absolutely amazing and philosophically intelligent. I have this immense urge to talk with him. He has a level of wisdom I suppose only God can give. Nevertheless I’m pining to pick his brain and discover the secrets of “eligible” life… If I could ask him anything it would be

1. You can have any woman you want #literally and you choose none… why?

2. How do you manage to be at peace at only being “eligible”?

3. How do you stay committed to being patient (if you’re waiting) for “the one”

I feel like maybe I’m ready to accept being “eligible”. It takes a lot of energy I may not have any more to wait on something or someone. I wanna get to a place where if God never sends Boaz I’m at peace and totally happy without him. Right now I feel completely vulnerable and in want (maybe need… might be to proud to say I need a man…. but only bc I think I really believe I don’t need one). I don’t want to feel like this. It’s like this dull internal pain that you can’t touch but u feel and it’s aggravating as ever. I might be ready to give up the ghost and accept the possibility that he always meant for me to be alone.

I want to make sure I keep my faith in him. I don’t know if I can have faith in there being someone special, funny, amazing, talented, intelligent, intellectual, charismatic, tall, handsome, great love making, successful, articulate, stylish, kind, passionate, giving, incredibly strong mentally and physically out there made especially for little ol me. But no matter what I never want to lose faith in his will. I pray his will triumphs everything I can’t fully believe in.

“His strength is made perfect where we are made weak” 2 Corinthians 12:9

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Just Breathe….

One of the best down times for a full time mother, student, and part time worker is sitting at home in the dark on the couch in complete silence… it’s nothing like it.

We constantly multi task with our thinking… like literally we think about so many things at one time….

When her kid is asleep and there’s no school work or work related assignments (although there is always house work) it’s extremely refreshing to be able to sit in silence with no distractions… just her and her thoughts… finally being able to hear herself breathe.

I can’t remember the last time I took a breath…

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Jhené sat down with “Reload Sessions” for an intimate and private show in London, UK. Listen to this beautiful acoustic performance of “The Worst”. (for all the people saying they couldn’t watch it on Youtube… here you go)

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Know Me….

Your eyes look at me presenting images in your mind that your lips will not speak.

Your hugs should make me feel safe but instead set off alarms making my mountain peak.

I love the smell of your cologne but today you pores reek of lust.

Disappointed I sit and think lord not another one…

It seems today everyone is corrupt and no intentions are pure

For once I want to see through your eyes you see me as beautiful so I can be sure.

Can u see the vastness in my intellect and not just in my ass

I mean I know it’s phat but I’m desperate for you to be the one who can see beyond my past

It’s always nice to feel wanted but eventually you want to feel kept.

Make no mistake I’m a woman you keep and not a female that’s kept

But you won’t be able to see that if you don’t take time to recognize my depth…

Still writing like a 5th grader. Lol I’m no poet… just blurbing…

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