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Zelda Wynn Valdes was the first black female fashion designer to own her own boutique. Her famous, figure hugging silhouette was worn by stars such as Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Joyce Bryant, Maria Cole, Edna Robinson and later superstars like Gladys Knight and opera diva Jessye Norman. She also designed dresses for legendary figures like Marlene Dietrich and Mae West.

Valdes came up with the costume for the Playboy Bunny which remains the same to this day.

I’m gagging.

Like SHIT.

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You watched over her, and you made her comfortable, and you let her go when she needed you to. You did what had to be done, even though it hurt you.
Leigh Bardugo, Ruin and Rising (via larmoyante)

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Ladies, while you’re laying there in that man’s bed thinking about how you just let him enter your body, he’s in the shower washing you off…. It will always mean so much more to you than it did to him…
Kevin Williams

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Dear you,

Remember back in 6th grade when you liked that guy but he wasn’t into you and you had to watch him flirt and be with every other girl ? Remember the boy in high school you swore up and down you would marry? Remember how at the time you thought they were the greatest guy on the planet and that you would never meet anyone more attractive, funnier, charismatic, and smarter than them? Remember how you did? This one’s no exception. There will always be someone better. At this moment u wonder if the male species can get any better but just like you met this current guy who you can’t seem to shake eventually there will be another guy. A more funnier one. A cuter one. A more stylish one. A more intellectually stimulating one. And eventually it won’t be some guy it’ll be your guy. I get it, it hurts and it sucks. If you wanna be hurt then you have complete permission to be hurt just don’t stay there long. You also have my permission to rid yourself of anything that reminds you of this hurt; this includes material things and social media followers. Do what you gotta do to protect your wellness. Your loyalty should first be to yourself.

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